Useful Tools for a Diverse Tech Toolbox

Network Tools

  • IPv6 Subnetting & Helper Utilities

    • - Provides tools for IPv6 subnetting, including address conversion and subnet calculation.
  • IPv4 Calculator

    • - A handy tool for IPv4 address calculations, including subnetting and address range.
  • HE.NET BGP Toolkit

    • - Explore BGP networks and relationships for domains, IPs, and ASNs.
  • SSL Certificate Search and History - SSL End-user Validation

    • - Search by domain for SSL certificates and their history to verify website security.
  • Torrent IP Check - Check Your Torrent Client's WAN IP

  • Check IP Address Information

    • - Gather detailed information about an IP address, including location and ISP.
  • Check DNS Records - Dig DNS (Google)

  • Check DNS Records - Dig Web

    • Dig Web Interface - A comprehensive tool for checking DNS records across multiple servers.
  • Check Download Times - Download Time Calculator by Virgin Media

Email Tools

  • Email Account Migration Tool by OVH

  • Email Header Analyzer

  • MXtoolbox - Check MX Records, PTR (rDNS), Blacklists, etc.

    • - A comprehensive suite for checking MX records, blacklists, and other email domain issues.

Linux Tools

  • Crontab Guru - The Quick and Simple Editor for Cron Schedule Expressions

    • - Easily generate and explain crontab schedule expressions.
  • Explainshell - Write Down a Command-line to See the Help Text

    • - Type in a shell command to see a breakdown of what each part of the command does.
  • ShellCheck - A Shell Script Static Analysis Tool

    • - Identify and fix common errors in shell scripts to improve script reliability.
  • OverTheWire: Bandit - Learn Linux Commands Through Gaming

    • OverTheWire: Bandit - Improve your Linux skills through a series of engaging online challenges.

Windows Tools

  • SDI (Snappy Driver Installer) - Install Missing Drivers and Update Old Drivers

    • - A driver updater tool for Windows, ensuring your hardware runs optimally.
  • Ninite - Install or Update Multiple Apps at Once

    • - Quickly install or update multiple Windows applications at once.
  • Medicat Boot Disk: Complete Windows Diagnostic Toolkit That Runs Off a USB Stick

    • - A bootable USB toolkit for Windows diagnostics, recovery, and repair.
  • Sergei Strelec Boot Disk