About Bit by Systems

Purpose and Content

Bit by Systems is an independent blog launched in November 2023, dedicated to simplifying learning about self-hosting, systems administration, and homelab setups. Here, you'll find detailed documentation of lab projects, solutions to hard-to-find problems, and insights into technology both hardware and software.

The essence of this blog lies in breaking down the use of technologies, which are sometimes vastly overcomplicated, into understandable short segments or posts, making it easier for those who are starting out and seasoned professionals alike to expand their knowledge and practical skills in managing and optimizing their own tech environments.

Why This Blog Exists

Our mission is to provide:

  • Self-Hosting Guides: Step-by-step instructions to deploying and managing self-hosted applications.
  • Systems Administration Tips: Best practices for system management and security.
  • Homelab Setups: Ideas and how-tos for building out efficient and purpose-built home-lab hardware stacks.

This blog aims to fill the gaps in the existing online documentation, offering clear, concise, and practical advice for tackling the challenges encountered in tech projects and system management.

Contact and Feedback

Your feedback helps make Bit by Systems better. For corrections, questions, or comments, reach out to me at [email protected].